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Onderwerp: Wooden horse
(17 juni 2015)

I am enjoying this website. What a vast library you have. I was looking for something in particular I'd like to ask you about.

A friend of mine learned a dutch children's song that sounds very much like 'Rije rije rije in een wagentje'. But it was about a wooden pony that children ride and something about the nail in its tail.

Does this ring a bell? I'm trying to find it as a surprise for her 60th birthday.

Thank you for any help you might have.


Answer     (18 juni 2015)

Hello Linda,

I don't know a song about a wooden horse that sounds a bit like 'Rije rije rije', but I could find a song in the Dutch Song Database that could be the one you are looking for. See text and link with source below this mail.

Traditional songs often have many variants. The lyric given in the Database is about a wooden horse with a grey tail (not with a nail in it's tail). The Database just gives the first two lines. Maybe there are two more lines, but I guess that you have to repeat the first two lines (like the other song, 'Rije in een wagentje').

I hope it's is what you was looking for anyway, and you can use it for the birthday.

With kind regards from the Netherlands,



Dutch lyric:
Rije, rije, rije op een houten paard
Vier witte pootjes en een grijze staart.

in English:
Riding, riding, riding on a wooden horse
Four white legs and a grey tail.

In the Dutch Song Database: ;
(in Flemish dialect; one variant with audio)

PS: "a nail in it's tail" in Dutch would be:
Rije, rije, rije op een houten paard
Vier witte pootjes en een spijker in z'n staart.

Dutch children's songs with music and English translation  (

Re:     (18 juni 2015)

Hello again, Rozemarijn,

I think your suggestion is on the right track. But I'm having trouble listening to the actual music on the website. I'm getting an error message that says I don't have the right plug-in. However it doesn't tell me which plug-in I need to hear the music. Do you happen to know what I need?

I would love to hear the song as well as read the text.

Thank you for your answer in advance!


Re:     (19 juni 2015)

Hi Linda,

I'm not good with computerproblems, but on the Database website they advice, by problems, to try another webbrowser, like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Opera.

However, I listened to the recording, and the music line is the same as the first four lines of the children's song 'Rije rije rije in een wagentje'.

You can find that melody on my website (translated as 'In a babybuggy I go out with you') on:

I hope that helps you to sing your song again.

With kind regards,


Dutch children's songs with music and English translation  (

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