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Subject: Tulips
(14 april 2015)

Can you tell me please: is the tune "Tulips from Amsterdam" still under copyright?

I posted a movie I took myself, of my wonderful day spent at Keukenhof gardens, accompanied by that tune, onto FaceBook and they deleted it but gave no reason.

Do I then presume it must be still under copyright?

Evelyn (New Zealand).

Answer     (14 april 2015)

Hello Evelyn,

I don't know why a website like Facebook does delete uploads. But what I can tell you, is that the song "Tulips from Amsterdam" is indeed still under copyright.

The rule in the Netherlands is that copyrights ends 70 year after the death of the writer and/or composer of a song. "Tulpen uit Amsterdam" was released in 1956, but that doesn't mean anything for the copyright. The composer of the song, Ralf Arnie, passed away in 2003. So the copyright will end the earliest after 2073. Untill then, you have to pay for the use of the song to the national organisation for artists (Buma-Stemra).

I'm glad you had such a nice day in the Keukenhof. I hope you enjoyed all your stay at the other side of the world!

With kind regards from The Netherlands,


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