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Subject: Dutch birthday song
(18 augustus 2014)

Hi Rozemarijn,

I am teaching a lesson on Holland this year and am so pleased to find the research devoted to your website. Not only have I found songs I learned while living as an exchange student years ago in Leiden, I am learning new songs to share. Thank you for taking the time to record the tunes. I am adding your site as a link for parents to listen to tunes I teach in class.

I found 'Lang zal hij leven' under the royal blue birthday side bar of your English site; however, now it is gone. I see it on the Dutch site and printed the song from there. I could have sworn I found it there earlier this week but there are only 3 there today.

Please advise,

Lynne (Dallas, Texas).

Answer     (19 augustus 2014)

Hello Lynne,

Thanks you for your compliments, I'm glad my website is useful to you!

The disappearance of the song 'Lang zal ze leven' is a riddle. It some years ago now that I made those websites, so I cannot remember which songs I translated, which not en why. I'm puzzeled. But on the homepage (English section) is a list of all the translated songs; and under 'Birthday songs' it gives only 3 songs (not 'Lang zal ze leven').

Now I think it's a strange decision, because together with 'Er is er een jarig' it's the most sung song for birthdays. But I think I never translated it.

You can find it now here: Dutch birthday's songs - Long life we wish you

On the bottom of this mail I give you a translation after all ;-) (though there is hardly any text) ;-) I hope you have good memories of your year in Leiden. And good luck with your lessons about The Netherlands!

With kind regards, met vriendelijke groeten,


Dutch birthday songs  (


Long will he live
long will he live
long will he live in glory
in glory, in glory!

Hip hip hip, hooray! ('hip-the-beep')
hip hip hip, hooray!
hip hip hip, hooray!

Dutch birthday songs

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