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Subject: Song about a cat and a mouse
(8 juni 2014)


My mother was Dutch (and now so are some of my siblings, but that is another story). In the nursery, she used to sing songs to me and my sister and brothers.

One of the songs she used to sing began:
'Puss, Puss, Puss, waar ben je nou?
De muis is in de kuchen!'

That's all I can remember of it, except that it ended:
'Puss, Puss, mou, mou!'

Do you know this song? Is it part of a larger song? Now that my mother is gone (to Hemel), I'd really like to remember the old songs.

Thank you for your site, by the way... I've found several of our old nursery songs here!


Answer     (9 juni 2014)

Hi Michael,

I don't know the song you are looking for, but I could find it on the internet. I send you the complete text at the bottom of this mail. And also a translation.

I understand that it's very difficult to find a text when you are not sure of the spelling. The websites give no further information, only that it is a traditional children's song. It are only a few websites and most of them are not song-websites, but cat-lovers websites/blogs. So I think it was not a very well-known song.

At least you have the complete text now; I hope it is like you remember it (because often many variants exsist of children's songs). I hope you can sing the song again and it brings back good memories of your mother. Melodies are always very connected to memories, especially, I think, of the childhood.

So I wish you much singing-pleasure with warm feelings. And maybe you'll even learn it to your (Dutch) siblings one day.

With kind regards, hartelijke groeten!


Dutch children's songs with music and translation  (


Poes poes poes, waar ben je nou?
De muis zit in de keuken.
Poes poes poes, waar ben je nou?
'k Vind het heus niet leuk hoor.
Poes rent weg door heg en steg
komt in de keuken en de muis is weg.
Poes poes poes, miauw, poes poes poes, miauw
poes poes poes, miauw, miauw... miauw.


Cat cat cat, where are you now? (Poes = a female cat)
The mouse is in the kitchen.
Cat cat cat, where are you now?
I really don't like it, sure.
Cat runs away through hedge and alley
comes in the kitchen and the mouse is gone.
Cat cat cat, meow, cat cat cat, meow
cat cat cat, meow, meow, meow.

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