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Subject: Dutch children's song about a lantern
(25 december 2013)

Good morning,

I am trying to find the name, words, and hopefully a video of a song that one of my alzheimers residents sings. Something about a lantern.

What I can remember sounds like "dasa mista scanor elder sayo saught". This is only one of the lines, and I hope it's enough to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you for your time!


Answer     (25 december 2013)

Good afternoon,

I'm sorry, I don't know this song. And it's hard to understand the phonetic line. In Dutch in can be possibly:

"dasa mista scanor elder sayo saught"
- die ze miste .. .. zocht (?)
- deze mist schenen elders zij dacht (?)
- deze mist en scheen er helder zij o zocht (?)

Then it can mean something like "whom she missed .. .. and sought" or "this fog shone somewhere else she thought" or "this fog and shone there bright o she sought". The word "lantern" in Dutch is "lantaarn".

I did try to find a song with these few (possible) words in de Dutch Song Databse, in Google, Google Books and in the BNTL (Dutch Literature Database). But I could find nothing.

Possibly it is a song for Saint Martin (Sint Maarten), on this day children walk with lanterns through the streets. Or maybe it is a religious song, or a folk song. It would help if I knew the first line (that's easier to find in the Databases).

I'm sorry I could not help you, because I understand how important songs from the childhood can be for elder people, especially with dementia. To do more research, you would need more words (best of all the beginning of the song, or the refrain). I can send you links of dutch song websites where you can leave a message.

I wish you a good december-time, with best regards,


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Re:     (26 december 2013)

The gentleman grew up in Pennsylvania. He tried translating it for me one time and it was something having to do with a lamp to light the way, if I remember right.

Re:     (27 december 2013)

Good day,

If you ever come to know more words (especially of the first lines/refrain), let me know, then I'll search again for you.

A possibility now is to leave a message on the senior website SeniorPlaza - they have a part 'Missing song':
Click on the button 'Ik zoek een liedje' (I search a song). The fields are: subject / author / melodie / componist / your request/message / first name / last name / e-mail (only to answer you).
Click on the button 'Verzenden' (Send).

Another possibility is to send a message on Twitter, with the hashtag #durftevragen (or #dvt) (dare to ask). This hashtag has many followers.

Good luck, I hope you'll find the complete lyrics and melodie.

With kind regards,


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