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Subject: Children's song about a horse
(27 juli 2011)

Good Day:

I am looking for the lyrics of a song that my mother used to sing to me, that I sing and "lalala" to my grandchildren.

I know the first verse (for the most part) and only parts of the other two verses: (please excuse the spelling)

Een karre Paard, een karre paard.
Dat shokt zo rustig and bedaard
Van shok shok shok

een rij paard een rij paard
Zo vroolijk and blij...
Van hop hop hop
Van hop hop hop
Van hop hop hop

Een ren paard een ren paard

Can you please direct me to the words to this song. The kids love it but it would be nice if I could sing th real words, and pass them on to my grands.

Thank you,

Marinus (Canada).

Answer     (27 juli 2011)

Dear Marinus,

I don't know this song and I can not find it on the internet, I think it is not a well-known song in the Netherlands. But I could find this song, at least a variant of it, in the Dutch Folk Song Database (recorded in the 1960's). The database has only one version, which is very little, and none in a songbook, this indicates again it's not a well-known song. I will give you the complete text of that version at the end of this e-mail. The Dutch Song Database also gives their original recording, so you could listen to this version (mp3), see link below.

I'm curious if you recognise the text and/or melody, if it's the same as you remember it. And is it right that this is a children's song that is sung for little childeren while they are sitting on the lap (bumping up and down on the rhythm of the melody)? Let me know.

I will also give you the right spelling of your version. Hopefully you and your (grand)children can sing this song again, without many lines 'lalala'.

With greetings, met groeten,


Een karrepaard dat sjokt zo rustig en bedaard (met muziek en bladmuziek)

Dutch children's songs on:


Dutch Song Database

Een karrepaard, een karrepaard
dat gaat zo rustig naar z'n aard
van klis kles klos.

Een koetsjespaard, een koetsjespaard
dat gaat zo vrolijk naar z'n aard
van klis kles klos.

Een rijpaard, een rijpaard
gaat halsoverkop
met een ruiter de baan op
in volle galop
van je hop hop hop hop, hop hop.


A horse who pulls/rides with(?) a car / farm cart
will go so quietly according to it's nature/character
like klis kles klos (words that imitate sounds)

A horse who pulls/rides with(?) a carriage
will go so happy according to it's nature/character
like klis kles klos (words that imitate sounds)

A riding horse, a riding horse
will go head over heels (in a hurry/rush)
with it's rider on the track
at full gallop
like hop hop hop hop, hop hop (jump jump jump etc)

Source Dutch Song Database: ;
with mp3


Your version (right spelling)

Een karrepaard, een karrepaard
dat sjokt zo rustig en bedaard
van sjok, sjok, sjok.

Een rijpaard, een rijpaard
zo vrolijk en blij
van hop hop hop

Een renpaard, een renpaard


A horse who pulls/rides with(?) a car / farm cart
will trudge/plod (walking very lazy) so quietly and calm
like plod, plod, plod / like trudge, trudge, trudge.

A riding horse, a riding horse
so happy and glad
like hop hop hop (like jump jump jump)

A racehorse, a racehorse

Re:     (28 juli 2011)

Rozemarijn, mij grotemoeder was een VanLeeuwen (Aalsmeer NH).

The mp3 tune is the tune that I use... although for the 2nd and 3rd verse the tune changes a little (in our version). However that is the song. I think I recognize some of the words for the 2nd and 3rd verse. And yes I have sung it to my own children and now my grandchildren with them on my lap giving them a ride. My youngest daughter always called it the "hop hop" song. It was one of many songs my Mum used to sing to me. This one was a favourite with my kids.

I really appreciate the research you have done for me. And thank you for the spelling. My wife is putting the words in the birthday book she is preparing for one of our grandsons. We have some pictures of me giving him a "ride" this spring.


mg, Marinus.

(Sorry I didn't respond in dutch, it is not very good anymore, we immigrated in 1951 when I was 2)

Re:     (28 juli 2011)

Dear Marinus,

so, possibly we are very distant cousins! ;-)

I'm glad I could find a possible version of the song back for you. I can understand that old (children's) songs of your childhood can mean a lot and it's very difficult to find a song if you're uncertain of the spelling.

It's a pity this was the only variant in the Song Database. I think your version, however very incomplete, makes more sense. First the lazy walking in the first verse, sjok sjok sjok, is more logic to me. Second the word 'renpaard' (instead of 'rijpaard') in the third verse of your version is more logic with the rest of the text.

I can understand your Dutch has faded away over the years... and I very seldom use my school-English I learned a few decades ago. But it's unique that the internet makes it possible to reflect over an old children's song a continent away.

I wish you many happy songs with your grandchildren,

with kind regards, met vriendelijke groeten,


Een karrepaard dat sjokt zo rustig en bedaard (with music and sheet music)

Dutch children's songs on:

Re:     (29 juli 2011)

I'm sure that both versions are probably versions of the original where ever that may be.

I have also sung songs like "Klap es in je handje vann blij blij blij" and "Er waare seven kikkertjes", not to mention a number of folk songs "Op groene dal", "Als de klok van Arnemuiden" (it was a favourite of my Mum's her father was a fisherman who was lost at sea).

They all combine to make marvellous memories of a mother who sang all the time.

Your english is very good. Ik wou dat me hollandse zo goed was.

thank you again, i will keep you websites in mind


Re:     (30 juli 2011)

Beste Rien,

we share some childhood memories, because I know all the songs you mention (my mother and my grandmother liked to sing). But especially 'Als de klok van Arnemuiden': my father used to sing that on holiday, during long car journeys through Europe.

Well, this all on account of the "hop hop song" over het karrepaard.

With kind regards, met vriendelijke groeten!


Een karrepaard dat sjokt zo rustig en bedaard (with music and sheet music)

Dutch children's songs on:

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