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Subject: Dutch children's songs
(12 mei 2011)

I love your site! Please forgive my ignorance of the language, I only speak English. I would love to hear these Dutch children's songs sung in Dutch to the music.

My grandmother, Johanna Pieters, came to the USA in 1925 with lots of Dutch songs, especially children's nursery rhymes. She died in 1990 and I never asked her to write down the songs. I know some of them (not very well) but I could not find them on your site. Do you know of another site I could check?

I wish I could write them here but I only know them orally, I can not write them. I am sure even orally I mess up the words. One starts: "Hop hop paardje..." the translation is something like "hop hop little horse, with your flaxen mane and your stout/sturdy legs, jumping over the slootje, from the slootje into the reeds..."

There is another one that we use when we have a baby that is beginning to want to stand on your lap. You hold the child sitting on your lap facing you with their wrists and hands in your hands and say something like: "lift you in the stars so high... sit down".

Anyway, you see my problem. If you could steer me in the right direction I would be grateful. I hope you will continue to add songs to your site.



Dutch children's songs with music and English translations on:

Dutch children's songs with music on:

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Answer     (13 mei 2011)

Dear Johanna,

Thank you for your compliments for my website. It's very special that you still know the Dutch children's songs your grandmother used to sing.

I'll try to answer your questions in English. First you would like to hear the songs sung again. You could try to find this on YouTube. Search on the website ( ) for "kinderliedje" or "kinderliedjes". Maybe you'll find songs you recognize.
Another possibility is to buy a cd with Dutch children's songs, for example "Liedjes met een hoepeltje erom" (5 volumes). You could try on You can also buy them on a dutch site, for example (they give a list of the recorded songs: ). This is a way to hear children's songs sung, maybe you'll recognise some of them.

Then your second question, to find the texts (wich of course is hard if you only know them orally).

The line you mention, I recognise, you can find it on my website: Hop hop paardje, met je vlassen staartje:
"Ju ju paardje / met z'n vlassen staartje en z'n ruige pootjes / springt die over slootjes / van het slootje in het riet / dat kan [name]s paardje niet."
This is the part of my website without English translations. It's an old (not much known anymore) rhyme for a child on a lap (child is 'bumping'(?) up and down). I can translate it if you want to know the meaning.

To find more texts/music you can check my website alfabetically on the search page: Zoek kinderliedje.
You also can google other children's songs websites by searching for "kinderliedjes" on google (maybe it's helpfull to use the dutch google page: . You'll find 3 or 4 pages with relevant websites.
You can also search in the Dutch Song Database (specially older children's songs): (but you have to spell the words right).

Maybe it's very hard to find any texts for you, because you're not sure how to write it. You also can sent me an e-mail with a list of lines you remember. Maybe I will recognise some and I'll give you the right spelling.

I made the website with children's songs and traditional folk songs together with my mother. She was a teacher for toddlers/young school children, so she knows very many songs, also of the time of my grandmother. I worked for over 3 years at the Dutch Song Database (part of a Dutch Academic Institute in Amsterdam).

Good luck with finding the children's songs of your Dutch grandmother!

With kind regards, met vriendelijke groeten,


Dutch children's songs with music and English translations on:

Dutch children's songs with music on:

Dutch folk songs with music on:

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